CFL Summer Camp 2016 Day #5

We had an intruder in the camp last night, we are on the look out for the culprit! Still not sure why one would break a hole in the side of a garbage can?

 The heat finally broke here at camp and everyone is in a much better mood! A few of the boys woke up extra early to be down at the waterfront by 6 am to participate in a mile swim event, with one swimmer a rower and a spotter. At the end of a successfully swim, the boys involved earned themselves a pancake breakfast cooked by the staff! Back at camp our crack team of young chefs cooked up some delicious bacon and pancakes! Followed by round 5 of remedial kitchen clean up class!  After breakfast all of our boys continued on with their merit badge sessions. 

In addition to the hearty breakfast the mood of the camp was improved with cheese burgers in paradise for lunch (direct quote from some of the boys), and steaks for dinner! 

Our Troop had the honor of performing the evening flag ceremony! They did a great job and we will be sharing a video soon! Followed up by cobbler and a campfire in our own camp, many of the boys also enjoyed a group movie in the main pavilion.

At the end of the evening two of our boys headed out to wilderness survival to brave the elements in shelters that they are going to build! Hope they build a good shelter because it is supposed to rain tonight!!

Update: Intruders name is Rocky and he is the size of some of our smaller scouts, seems pretty friendly! He definitely likes cobbler left unattended even for a few minutes!!